Hair Care

Captivating hair involves a committed regime. It is important to remember that each donor’s hair will differ, therefore establishing a regime that suits the hair type is very important. Top tip: Look into products that suit your chosen hair type, for example those that complement straight, wavy, curly and even coarse hair. Taking the time to consider what you use will determine how long the hair will last. We want your Pure Strands life span to exceed expectations, so please follow our tried and tested methods:

 1)        Shampooing and conditioning

(a) Raw, virgin hair can become greasy with long-term wear, therefore, it is important wash the hair at least every one to two weeks.

When choosing a shampoo and conditioner, avoid products that contain alcohol. These can be particularly damaging for your virgin strands.

At Pure Strands we recommend organic products available through your local beauty supply store or organic shop. Here you can ask for advice and always check the ingredients label to ensure it is alcohol free.

(b) Pre-wash preparation: Comb thoroughly using a wide toothed comb, to ensure the hair is free from any knots or tangles.

(c) Wet the hair using WARM water and gently message the shampoo in. Rinse fully, apply the conditioner, then massage and rinse out with warm water. A useful Pure Stand tip is to wrap the hair in cling film whilst conditioning product is on the hair. This creates very soft strands. You can also seek out and test organic products that suit your hair type. For example, if you have purchased Pure Strands curly hair you could buy organic products suited to curly hair.

2)        Drying your hair

We recommend that you add a little (alcohol free) leave-in conditioner to the ends and allow hair to naturally dry. After washing your hair, simply towel dry gently. We don’t recommend blow drying as heat can damage the hair. If blow-drying is still your preference, ensure the heat setting is low.

3)        Combing your hair

It is important that you comb your hair at least twice a day – first in the morning and finally before you go to bed to minimize knot’s and tangles.

Hold your hair in a ponytail then using a wide toothed comb, brush from the tips upwards. Always comb thoroughly before washing.

4)        Styling

Once the hair is dry, you can begin to style. Remember to refrain from using styling products containing alcohol. Alcohol can be found in gels, mousses and holding sprays. Pure Strands recommend organic products that don’t contain harmful ingredients.

Please use organic heat protectors when using hair straighteners and wands. These heated tools are a risk to the condition of your hair.

Bendy rollers can provide a safer solution to beautiful curls without compromising on the health of your hair.

5)        At night

We recommend that you wrap your head in a silk scarf after combing. This helps to prevent the hair from drying. Cotton scarves and pillowcases have been known to accelerate the hairs drying process.

6)        Things to consider

  • Our hair satisfies industry norms by containing 100 grams per pack. Generally, the longer the hair the more bundles are required.
  • To create a full head of hair we recommend a minimum of three packs. For a full celebrity look, why not go wild? Add as much as you like!
  • To add additional length or add bounce and volume one pack will suffice.